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Client Journeys

"You certainly do know how to accommodate the needs of your clients. Your services were delivered efficiently, mindfully and enthusiastically. I found you to be easy to reach out to and welcoming in your approach, and really great at problem solving. What I love most is that there is so much thought and creativity that came from you; and the guidance throughout the process based on factual, truthful, market related information which steered our business in the right direction."


Nadia Byleveldt - Owner, The Healthru Movement

"I have been working with you just under a year now Leigh, and I can truly say it has been a pleasure. When I lacked inspiration, thoughts, and solutions, it was great to have you in and around our team to speak things through. Your goal setting, planning and implementation skills are amazing. I love that you don’t waste time, you are efficient and forward thinking. You have leveraged our teams capability beautifully and really got them on your side - a real empath. Thank you for what has been a great redirection in our company."

Dr. Hainsworth - Doctor, Hainsworth Aesthetics, SA

"It has been a huge pleasure to meet you in person last October and have various virtual meetings - you are a great dot-connector and a source of insights when it comes to networks and connecting people and their passions! I could always see the passion and love for your work in your sparkling eyes!"

Sonja Skopp - CEO, Sladen Consulting, UK

"Leigh has exceptional networking skills and communicates with ease and authenticity. She has the ability to very quicky understand an organisation's needs, drivers and ambitions and is able to make connections on their behalf with like other like-minded organisations so as to facilitate strong and beneficial collaborations. Her personal experience within consultancy means that she is able to make sound recommendations for business growth and her vast network is a great benefit to all consultancies that she supports. Leigh is an absolute pleasure to work with and is not only a hugely respected professional, she is also a genuinely lovely person."


Ruth Geddes - Director, Prospect Change, UK

"Leigh, you seem to have an incredible knack for finding the right mix of talented speakers, each of whom managed to capture the audience's attention in their own unique way, whilst smoothly integrating their subjects with each other, so that the end result gave us a “complete-package” in terms of business direction and inspiration. I walked away feeling uplifted and inspired, but also with lots of genuine contacts and some great options to consider for my own business going forward."

Cary Davis - Former owner of The Pantry on 103, SA

"Looking forward to continuing to work with you in a different capacity and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the difference you have made both to TCGN and to the members you have looked after. You have the ability to see something to the point where it is clearly documented and communicated. You are good at analysing a situation, identifying gaps and closing them. You take ownership and are passionate about making a difference. I appreciate your continued dedication to doing a great job."

Marc Jantzen- Founder and CEO, The Consultancy Growth Network, UK

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